7-17-17 Newsletter

Romans 3:9-18

Have you ever looked around at the “really bad” people and thought how glad you are that before Christ at least you were not that bad? Be honest with yourself for a moment and possibly consider how you sin now. Would you agree, like me, that often I say to myself and to God, “Well at least I’m not committing *insert bad sin here*?”

I think that Satan fools us into thinking we are not enemy combatants against God when we live in sin, but Paul says that our sin causes us to be the worst of offenders no matter where we come from or what our heritage might be. This particular instance is a comparison of the Jews to the Gentiles. Apart from God, Paul says that no one seeks Him, no one understands Him, no one does good, and that our nature is to deceive. Although my mind might tell me that apart from God I am not all that bad, the Word says that I am and that together none of us is holy.

Remember these words today as you reflect on your dependence on God this week.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 7-17-17

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