11-6-17 Newsletter

Hebrews 7

Today my heart is sad and broken over the events at First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs, Texas. The gunman who walked into that community of believers, not unlike our very own mind you, expressed the very worst of a life without Christ in it. Our world is bound to the broken fleshly system of morality that plagues the hearts of wicked men and women. That heart of flesh lives in each person who has refused a relationship with Jesus. While we look at a man like David Patrick Kelley and see a monster, allow me to remind everyone that this capacity for wickedness lives in all apart from Christ.

Since Jesus did come, however, things changed forever. Jesus came from the order of Melchizedek, which means that He did not come from the priestly line of Levi and existed for the purpose of living as high priest for us forever. His reign and power has no end just as Melchizedek did not have a beginning and an end. Today, as we dwell on the sorrow that surrounds this tragedy, let us remember that Jesus is greater than all sorrow. Jesus is greater than the wickedness of man that drives broken hearts to commit such acts of terrible villainy. Jesus is our redeemer forever and this message alone can change the world.

In Christ,  Bro. Les

Newsletter – 11-6-17

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