11-13-17 Newsletter

Hebrews 10

I have often wondered how miserable it would be to live without some of today’s modern conveniences. Air conditioning, cars capable of long travel, and various advances in medicine are all more recent advances that have changed much about how we live.

In the Old Testament, God’s people lived without a sufficient form of payment for their sin. Hebrews 10 addresses the issue of sacrifice. Before Christ came, all the sacrificial offerings of man fell far short of God’s standard for righteousness. The do and don’t rules of living condemned those who tried to live by them. God wanted obedience from His people and was not pleased with the result of His request. He therefore sent Jesus to pay what man could not. Reflect today on how sad our lives would be if we did not have a modern gift in Jesus that changed the world forever.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 11-13-17

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