11-20-17 Newsletter

Hebrews 12:1-2

These verses are some of my favorite in all of the Bible. The images brought forth of that great cloud of witnesses reminds me of the crowd of fans at a sporting event. This time of year is a great time for sports. I can remember playing basketball with my brother and friends against other church league teams on cool fall and winter evenings. There would be a crowd waiting inside the gym, a very modest crowd, and they couldn’t wait to see their friends play to the cheers of those in attendance. I’ve been on the field of a football game with 107,000 fans screaming to the point of deafening effectiveness. As great as those feelings and sounds are, they will pale in comparison to the crowd of witnesses waiting in glory and cheering on the cause of Christ of which we get to be a part.

Since there is such a great crowd of witnesses who have come before us and cheer on our race now, I encourage you as Paul does to put aside the things that would hinder you. I promise they are not worth the price of what they cost. You are a beloved child of God whose sin was paid for by Jesus who took on shame for us. I encourage you to pray in thanksgiving this week for the chance to serve our Savior and to share it with those you dine with today.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 11-20-17

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