11-27-17 Newsletter

1 Peter 2:1-10

Do you like magic tricks? I love a great card trick or a disappearing coin that suddenly reappears. My grandfather introduced me to his various slights of hand and each Christmas when we went for a visit to Kentucky he had something different for the boys to gawk at in amazement. My grandfather now has a tremble in his hands and his heart is battered with cancerous fights and surgical distress, but as I read the Scripture from this past week I couldn’t help but think about those old magic tricks.

What we see with our eyes betrays us. Sin appears to be a delectable treat that promises to satisfy but instead takes away our health. It is like building on sandstone that washes away with the rain and crumbles under pressure. Jesus is not like either of these things. He is mistaken by the world as a stumbling block, but like a master magician the truth is that the greatest redirection of human history is the greatest gift of all.

I urge you to make the most of this season by sharing sweet memories with friends and family. Share with them more importantly the Gospel of Jesus Christ that promises to change their lives. Let this Christmas season be the foundation stone for the rest of someone’s life.

In Christ,  Bro. Les

Newsletter – 11-27-17

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