12-18-17 Newsletter

Proverbs 29:1

If you will, imagine with me for a moment a wonderful Christmas morning. Presents are around the tree and the roast turkey is in the oven spreading its aromatic allure across the house. You sit down around the tree and unwrap a plethora of presents to the delight of many. After presents, breakfast, a nap, and some much-needed coffee, you hear the cars begin to arrive with friends and family members from near and far. Joyous cries of celebration ring out as loved ones rarely seen arrive in full form with family in tow.

Now for some of you this is a happy memory, but for others this is the sound of dread because of one or two guests. For you know that with the arrival of one or two comes the questions and criticisms about life choices, food choices, even hair choices. The criticism, no matter how well-intended, overflows. Though much of this criticism will be unhelpful and possibly even well-deserved, I encourage you to keep the words of this Proverb well in your heart today. Take the criticism, measure its worth, and then either toss it or treasure it, but whatever you do, do not refuse it.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 12-18-17

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