4-9-18 Newsletter

4-9-18 Newsletter

Ruth and Boaz

The story of Ruth and Boaz is not nearly as much a story about true love conquering all circumstances as it is about God sending a husband redeemer. The Jewish custom was for the closest blood relative of a man who died to marry the widow and tend to her needs. Ruth’s mother knew the man who was the closest relative to be a man not fit for her daughter, but the next in line, Boaz, was a man of great virtue. Through the series of events that we read this week in our daily Bible reading, we see the story unfold.

The husband redeemer that Boaz played for Ruth is a model of what Jesus did for the Church later in the New Testament. The Church is referred to as the bride of Christ (Ephesians 5). Jesus is the perfect lover of the Church who laid down His life for her. This week, let us remember the great love that God showed for us when He laid down His life for us and took us in as Boaz so lovingly and virtuously did with Ruth.

In Christ, Bro. Les

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