Author: HBC Administrator


7-24-17 Newsletter

Romans 7-8

Do you ever feel trapped by a sin? I am speaking about one particular sin or at least a type of sin attitude or behavior. I certainly know the feeling. Some days I feel like that sin has my spirit in knots. I love reading passages like Romans 7-8, however, to see all that God did to free us from that sin. Paul says that even though the same sin nature lives in us that did before because of the fallen nature of our flesh, the gift of God is that we now have ultimate victory over that sin through Jesus.

I’m sure that we have all had a fear at some time or another of paralysis. Imagine not being able to walk, talk, wave, or grasp. That fear shakes me to my core when I think about how it can rob me of cherished things I have the privilege of sharing with my children. Think now about how much sin could be doing that to you in your walk with the LORD as well.

Is it possible that you are spiritually paralyzed because of some sin that is gripping your own heart? I encourage you to take that to the feet of Jesus today and read this Scripture over that sin. God can and will free you from that grip of despair if you will open up to Him.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 7-24-17

7-11-17 Newsletter

Psalm 4:2

I often struggle with the feeling that the world is completely blindsided by words of flattery. Vain words and flattery enliven the heart like a sugar high, but the headache to follow unfortunately comes along shortly as well.

What happened to a time when righteousness and honesty were sought after diligently? What happened to the time when honor was looked upon as a virtue and not a weakness? The truth is that such a time has never truly existed since the fall.

Look to Psalm 4:3 as you close your time in reading this entry today and know that God has set you apart not because of your physical attributes but because of His righteousness in Christ in you.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 7-11-17

HBC Homecoming on Sun., July 23

Hartford Baptist Church will celebrate HOMECOMING on Sunday, July 23, during the morning service at 10:15 a.m. Rev. Scott Cox, pastor at Bay Springs Baptist Church in Dothan and former pastor of HBC; Joshua Spivey, Worship Pastor at Thorington Road Baptist Church in Montgomery and son of Bruce and Carol Spivey, HBC’s Minister of Music and Senior Adults; and several others will return to share in this special service which will be followed with “Dinner on the Grounds”!



All members and former members of HBC are invited to spread the word and make plans to be there!

Marriage Retreat Aug. 4-5

Save the date for the HBC Marriage Retreat August 4-5 in Eufaula!