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3-19-18 Newsletter

Newsletter 3-19-18

3-12-18 Newsletter


… What we can find after the census and the order is a sad story with a glimmer of hope. Moses will not enter the Promised Land that God had for His people because of his sin. The people of God rebel and their hearts become set on foreign gods. The Levites abandon their duties; and Aaron, Moses’ own brother, eventually dies. Dark times surround God’s chosen people throughout the book of Numbers. Even so, God has a plan for His people and a successor to Moses in place.

God has a plan for your life as well, and as we discussed yesterday, the chance to be obedient and have the slate wiped clean starts today!

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 3-12-18

3-5-18 Newsletter

Closing out Leviticus 25-27

Multiple layers of rules and regulations can confuse and boggle the mind. Leviticus does not fall short in either of these categories. The end of this marathon of laws regarding wickedness ends with simplicity. God desires obedience from His children. For those who are obedient, there is a blessing to come. They have the privilege of being called people of God. Their heart and His are intertwined in a beautiful way that pictures the coming sacrifice of Jesus and the hope for a better future. Following this picture of obedience and beauty, however, is the picture of disobedience.

The disobedient heart has more sadness and pain in store than my heart can bare to share. As the book of Leviticus closes, let us strive for obedience in our daily walk so that we might show what is excellent in our daily walk with the Father. One of the ways that we want to walk and live by what we believe is to serve those who are hurting.


In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 3-5-18

2-26-18 Newsletter

Newsletter – 2-26-18