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Hurricane Irma Closing

There will be no evening services Sun., Sept. 10, during to Hurricane Irma. The church office will be closed all day Mon., and the Scattering Seeds meeting is cancelled Mon. night.

8-21-17 Newsletter

Psalms 36 & 37 and Esther

I love that our Bible reading plan covered both these Psalms in the last few days with the book of Esther. If anyone had reason to be apprehensive about the future and upset about evil winning the day then it would be Esther and Mordecai. Haman was a man with great power and an even greater temper. His anger for the Jews was not hidden in the least, and at the height of his powers he sought to see all of God’s people, including Esther and Mordecai, killed. I can imagine the hopelessness and the anger in their hearts toward Haman and their enemies was too much to bear on their own . . . They trusted the Lord and did not act on the anger that would have been readily available to them. Instead they petitioned for their life from the king and asked him to act justly in response.

We are asking our heavenly King for the same things. We are asking that He reach out in His righteousness and deliver us from sin and temptation daily. Do not fret over the things of this world that can drive you to anger and insanity, but rather concentrate on petitioning the King of all kings through a growing relationship that will bring peace to your heart.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 8-21-17

8-7-17 Newsletter

Romans 14

I have heard it said that you hurt the ones you love the most. This happens for many reasons, but I believe a large reason is because of the expectation of forgiveness we look for in friends and fellow church members. Often I believe we look to them and expect church people to overlook our bad behavior because of their obligation through God’s Word. Paul stresses the opposite of this in Romans 14 when he writes to the church that they are to refrain from any behavior that their conscience even hints would lead someone else astray. . . Believe me when I say that I am one of the first to be outraged by the oversensitivity of my generation and the one that follows it. But, there is something to be said for one Christian seeking the better of another even to our own inconvenience. Let the words of Romans 14 dwell richly in you today as you look at those around you with affectionate hearts of love.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 8-7-17

7-31-17 Newsletter

“No power of hell, no scheme of man, could ever pluck me from his hand.” These are some of my favorite lines from one of my favorite modern day hymns, “In Christ Alone.” As I read passages like Rom. 8:35-39 my heart is lifted from any discouragement that might wash over me. . . As the enemy confronts you today with the worst of yourself and those around you, I pray that you examine fully the love of the Lord in the most dire of circumstances seeing that God has not nor will He ever leave you nor forsake you.

In Christ, Bro. Les


Newsletter – 7-31-17