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9-18-17 Newsletter

Proverbs 23:9-11

Facebook arguments can become some of the most fruitless endeavors for Christians. The proverb above encourages God’s children not to waste your breath on fools. I would update this by saying not to waste your fingers on a keyboard on fools either . . . My encouragement for you today is to take an inventory of your conversations. Who do you speak with and pour out time and emotion to on a regular basis? Are you spending your relational capital well? I encourage you to love with all of your heart, but do not love foolishly.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 9-18-17

Hurricane Irma Closing

There will be no evening services Sun., Sept. 10, during to Hurricane Irma. The church office will be closed all day Mon., and the Scattering Seeds meeting is cancelled Mon. night.

8-28-17 Newsletter

Proverbs 22:5-6 and the story of Job

Job’s story is one of the most emotionally difficult stories for me to follow and know how to respond to in all of Scripture. Job and his friends ebb and flow through the will of the Lord and their own self-pity more than my mind can track at times. Job suffered far beyond what he could bear to the point that his spirit was utterly broken. His friends poured on contempt and guilt over his life to the point that Job was either fighting against them or against God all throughout the middle of the book. Proverbs says that those corrupt people like Job’s friends walk a thorny path and that it is in our own best interest to avoid them and the path on which they walk . . . I know it might seem hard to stay on the right path and to guide our children to do the same when everything in us and them says that it would be easier to fit in with a world that can seem like home, but the truth is that those roads lead to ruin and are filled with hurt. Fight. Stay on the right path. What we will find is that there are greater rewards in heaven and in the hearts of believers than in the temporary wealth of the world.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 8-28-17

8-21-17 Newsletter

Psalms 36 & 37 and Esther

I love that our Bible reading plan covered both these Psalms in the last few days with the book of Esther. If anyone had reason to be apprehensive about the future and upset about evil winning the day then it would be Esther and Mordecai. Haman was a man with great power and an even greater temper. His anger for the Jews was not hidden in the least, and at the height of his powers he sought to see all of God’s people, including Esther and Mordecai, killed. I can imagine the hopelessness and the anger in their hearts toward Haman and their enemies was too much to bear on their own . . . They trusted the Lord and did not act on the anger that would have been readily available to them. Instead they petitioned for their life from the king and asked him to act justly in response.

We are asking our heavenly King for the same things. We are asking that He reach out in His righteousness and deliver us from sin and temptation daily. Do not fret over the things of this world that can drive you to anger and insanity, but rather concentrate on petitioning the King of all kings through a growing relationship that will bring peace to your heart.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 8-21-17