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2-12-18 Newsletter

Exodus 18

I will freely admit that I struggle with taking on too much with the hopes that I do not let anyone down. I over-commit; and as a result, at times I forget to do some of the most important tasks on my list. I can imagine this is what is going on in Moses’ life as well.

When seasons of extreme business come, even the tasks that are most enjoyable can become a frustration and struggle. Moses was beginning to show signs of burnout and his father-in-law, Jethro, saw the cracks in the foundation before they fully formed. He encouraged Moses to appoint others to positions of leadership and delegate his responsibilities. I know that this is not an option for everyone.  I am the husband to a young lady who is the embodiment of this, a house full of children and responsibilities. One of the most difficult struggles we have at the moment is the balance between rest and a busy schedule.

My encouragement to you today is that rest is biblical. Do not give up on rest. You are better in almost every role in your life when you take the time to rest and recover in the Lord.

In Christ, Bro. Les

Newsletter – 2-12-18

2-5-18 Newsletter

Newsletter – 2-5-18

1-29-18 Newsletter

Souper Sunday – Feb. 4

Sunday night at 5:00 p.m. will be Souper Sunday – with God, games and great food. Admission is one can of food to be donated to the Geneva Baptist Association Food Pantry. Please bring your favorite soup, sandwiches or desserts to share with everyone and bring your favorite board games. We will have other games set up, too. For those who are interested, the Super Bowl will be shown as well. During “half-time” of all the games, a very important Gospel message will be presented.  Most importantly please invite a friend, neighbor or new acquaintance who is unchurched.

Newsletter – 1-29-18

1-22-17 Newsletter

Job 11

The book of Job reads like a long-winded story that winds through twists and turns like an old Alabama dirt road. Between the “friends” who were speaking words of what they would perceive to be wisdom and Job’s own self-loathing, the reader can find it tough to understand the message that God is trying to send to His children. The bottom line is that Job was struggling with great difficulty and hurt in his life. His children have died and he has lost most of what he had owned.

We learned earlier in the book that this was not Job’s fault. Job was a righteous man who had been righteous in the face of evil. His friends did not understand this and even believed that if Job were to go before the Lord and repent all would be well.

Hear me clearly. There are times in life when we experience difficulty because we live in a broken world. How you respond to these circumstances serves as a testimony to those who are watching. Speak about your struggle. Tell others about your Deliverer. Glorify God even in the darkest places so that light might shine to those around.

In Christ,  Bro. Les

Newsletter – 1-22-18