Child Development Center

EDCDEducation Philosophy
The Child Development seeks to develop the whole child: physically, mentally, morally, spiritually, emotionally and socially. This is to be accomplished through learning activities and giving guidance according to developmentally appropriate practice.

The HBC Early Childhood Development Center operates from August through May each year. Please contact our church office at 588-2236 for enrollment, tuition and other important information.

Our goals for each child are:

  • to create within each child a respect for others and self.
  • to guide each child as he/she grows more aware of the world surrounding him.
  • to aid each child in his/her natural curiosity about all things.
  • to impart knowledge to each child and aid him/her in independent thinking and problem solving through books, records, stories, the senses, motor experiences and equipment.
  • to watch and listen as each child expresses his/her ideas, opinions and creativity.
  • to teach each child to take instruction from adults other than parents.